About Us

About Us

De La Salle is a Christian school within the Lasallian family of schools. We are distinguished as being a small, outward-looking community that also shares a history and common values with our international counterparts. 

Our Ethos is very important to us and we believe it makes us unique. The young men we nurture are outstanding ambassadors for the younger generation and invaluable contributors to the local community. 

De La Salle College has helped shape my boys through its Christian and family ethos and has given them the confidence to try and experience as much as possible.

The Ethos of the school creates our strong sense of community; the culture is one of caring for others, reaching for excellence by trying one’s best, and recognising that success can be measured academically and in a wide variety of other ways. 


Our History

From humble beginnings, the College has grown and developed into one of Jersey’s foremost schools. Its History is proudly shared by generations of Island families and, despite the rigours of educational reforms, war and occupation, funding booms and busts and the natural evolution of teaching and pastoral care, the College continues to be driven by a determined passion for its founding principles to provide the best possible education to the pupils in its care. 

Although De La Salle College in Jersey was founded just over 100 years ago, the great history of the De La Salle College spans all the way to the late 1600s, with Saint John Baptist de La Salle. John’s sense of vocation led him to choose to be a priest and started to get involved with organising schools for the street kids of France. 

The first De La Salle Foundation in England was opened in 1855, just five years after the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in Britain, with a group of French Brothers setting up a school called Saint Joseph’s College, in Clapham, for a mixed clientele of English and French boys. And their legacy continues years on with more than 380 Brothers operating in 41 establishments.