School Fees

Here you can find information about the fees for De La Salle College, Jersey. Annual fees may increase in line with Cost of Living. Annual fees are agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors. 

30 hours of free education in each week
Additional hours: £8.36 per hour
Families can claim a minimum of 4 free hours per day and a maximum of 8 free hours per day

Reception to Year 13 
£,8040 per year (£2680 per term)
Fees may be paid either termly or monthly over 10 or 12 month periods:

  • Termly: fees are payable on or before the first day of each term and should be paid directly to our bank account via online banking as detailed below. 
  • Monthly: the College also offers the option to pay the annual fees by standing order on the 1st of each month in ten equal instalments over the 10 month period, September to June inclusive or over twelve equal instalments over the 12 month period September to August. 

Additional Charges
There are additional fees for Activity Week in June; costs vary dependent on choice of activities.
Some optional extra-curricular clubs and activities have an additional charge where there are overheads. Optional trips and visits, either on or off Island, will also incur additional charges. 

Examination fees are levied by examination boards, however school fees include these.
Overdue accounts will attract penalty fees at the rate of 3.4% per month.

All payments to the College can be made by cheque or by direct bank transfer. Details for bank transfer are: 

De La Salle College (Brothers of the Christian Schools)
Account No: 72211009
Sort Code: 40.25.34
Ref: Surname, Initial 


Additional Terms:

These are reviewed in September annually and the Governors reserve the right to increase fees without notice, though every effort will be made to give current parents/guardians at least one term’s notice of fee increases. 

Fees will not be refunded or waived for absence through sickness, or if a term is shortened, or a vacation extended, or if a pupil is released home after public examinations or otherwise before the normal end of term, or for any other reason except in the sole discretion of the Head of College. 

In the event that school fees remain outstanding and De La Salle is forced to seek legal advice/assistance in effecting the recovery of such fees, the total amount owed to the school will be increased by 20% of the sum of those fees outstanding, it being agreed that this is a reasonable assessment of the loss to the College arising from the late or non-payment. 

Pre-Reception closes at 1700. Any late pick-up will be noted by staff. A second late will be reported to the Head of Early Years and parents will be informed of the next steps should there be any further lates. In the event of three late pick-ups during the year this will be reported to the Head of Primary and all previous and subsequent lates will be billed in 20-minute blocks at our usual hourly rate. The Primary Headteacher will discuss with parents the necessity of timely end of day collection. 

Medical costs
De La Salle College has public liability insurance. However, for all accidents and injuries costs incurred are the responsibility of parents / Guardians. These costs may include, but are not limited to, transport to hospital, medical visits, GP consultations and any follow-up. 

Notice of withdrawal
In the event of withdrawal of a pupil from the school, a full term’s notice in writing must be given to the Head of College. In the absence of such notice, one term’s fees is payable in lieu. This is applicable to all year groups, including any students not continuing into our Sixth Form. 

Changes to Nursery
Nursery days / hours and cancellation of Holiday and After School Club bookings are subject to half a term’s notice.  

A pupil who shows no progress in their studies, despite intervention strategies being applied, or who is identified as requiring additional support for a particular need that is beyond the usual support available from our SEND department will not be allowed to remain at the College and his place at the College will be withdrawn by the Head of College. The Head of College in the case of a pupil who commits an act considered to be gross misconduct may also administer a fixed term or permanent exclusion on a pupil if required (possession of  drugs on the college campus will always result in permanent exclusion). In such circumstances there is an Appeals Procedure (see policy) overseen by the Board of Governors.

No portion of fees is refundable if circumstances warrant the removal of a pupil.